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      President Introduction

      Ye Cheng,Landbridge Group‘s Chairman& General Manager,is currently a member of the twelfth National Committee of the CPPCC,the twelfth Shandong Provincial People's Congress,the ninth Rizhao Standing Committee of the CPPCC,Vice Chairman of Taiwan Entrepreneurs Association in Shandong,Chairman of Taiwan Entrepreneurs Association in Rizhao and Honorary President of Rizhao Charity Federation,"Outstanding Entrepreneur in Shandong","Excellent Taiwan Entrepreneur in Shandong" and"Outstanding Private Entrepreneur in Shandong".

      President’s Notes

      A gentleman is always ready to help others attain their aims,and it is my aim to help others.With employees,we will work as a team and grow together.With partners,we will seek shared development in win-win constellations.We wish to reach our destination walking the same road with you,adhering to an innovative, harmonious, green, open and sharing philosophy.Let us realize the corporate vision of “serving the nation and benefiting the people” by practical actions and outstanding performance.This is Landbridge’s dream.This is the Chinese dream!