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      05 Jun

      Minister of Transportation Li Xiaopeng Visited Panama Margaret Port of Landbridge Group for Inspection and Guidance

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               During August 8 to 11, Chinese President Xi Jinping's special envoy, minister of transportation Li Xiaopeng, leads a delegation to Panama after attending the handover ceremony of Colombia's President. During the the stay in Panama, Li Xiaopeng and president of Panama Barreira and the relevant departments held meetings, and many new cooperation agreements have been achieved. They have also witnessed the initialling of The Memorandum of Understanding on Maritime Cooperation between the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China and the Maritime Bureau of the Republic of Panama and made a special trip to the construction site of the Margaret Port Project invested and constructed by Landbridge Group in Panama, having listened to the achievements of Landbridge Group's participation in the "Belt and Road" construction, and learned about the progress of the Margaret Port Project in detail.