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      05 Jun

      Seize the Opportunity of Development and Continue to Deepen Reform -- Landbridge Group's 2019 Working Conference Will be Held

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      On January 23, the 2019 Working Conference of Landbridge Group was held in Shengshi Hall, international conference center of Landbridge Jinjiang Hotel. More than 300 people attended the meeting, including chairman and president of the Group Ye Cheng, chief executive officer Yao Weixin, middle-level managers and staff representatives from all fronts. Vice president of the Group Li Mingxue chaired the meeting.

      Chairman Ye stressed that the mission entrusted by the new era is glorious and sacred. We are all running hard and we are all dreamers! Let us strengthen our confidence, maintain our determination, and strive for the healthy, steady and rapid development of the Group and the aspiration of employees for a better life!