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      The overseas industry

      The overseas industry 

      Landbridge / Westside 

      Landbridge Group actively invests in the natural gas energy industry and is actively expanding its overseas business in accordance with national policies calling for the implementation of the “Going Global” strategy and of a global energy strategy. This culminated in August 2014 in the successful merger and acquisition of a listed company in Australia – Westside Corporation Limited. 

      Westside Corporation Limited is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and is engaged in the exploration and production of natural gas. Its main projects are situated in the Bowen Basin in central Queensland. The project is rich in natural gas and has huge potential for expanding production. With estimated reserves of over 30 billion cubic meters, exploration and production are projected to last for decades. At present, natural gas produced by Westside Corporation Limited is ultimately shipped to South East Asia predominantly. 

      Landbridge Group invests in the capital projects of Westside Corporation Limited. Westside is currently undergoing an expansion with additional gas wells and infrastructure being constructed. This expansion will provide additional gas for export into the South East Asian market via LNG. In addition to Westside Corporation’s long term gas sales contract, Westside Corporation Limited is actively looking for additional oil and gas assets to provide additional opportunities for the Group to input resources into the Chinese market. 

      Landbridge / Port of Darwin 

      In October 2015, Landbridge Group won a bid for the 99-year lease of Port of Darwin. Darwin signifies a great business opportunity and a bright future, and will become an important hub in the "One Belt, One Road" policy. 

      Port of Darwin is located on the northern coast of Australia, in the Northern Territory. The port consists of East Arm Wharf, Marine Supply Base and Fort Hill Wharf. It is an ideal deep water harbor close to Asia and China, and a trade door linking Australia to the burgeoning Asian market. Grasping the opportunity presented by ChAFTA and the opening up of Australia’s north, Landbridge Group will give full play to Port of Darwin's geographical advantages and synergies with Landbridge Port to increase the international competitiveness of the port, improve the economic benefit for the Group, drive the rapid economic development of the region and promote economic and trade activities between Australia and Asia.